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KLM celebrates its 70 years of operation in Canada.
Celebrate with us by taking part in a KLM Quiz. You could win a pair of KLM tickets or one of the 5 gifts bags. Furthermore, by participating you will get a $70 discount on your next purchase on

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You’ll have 90 seconds to answer 5 questions. If you answer all of them correctly in the given time, you will be eligible to win 2 KLM tickets to the destination of your choice or 1 of 5 KLM gift bag (valued at $50).

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Which of these airport codes does not represent one of the 5 airports where KLM is active in Canada?


What birthday are we celebrating in Canada for KLM?

60 years
65 years
70 years
75 years

Which city is the home to KLM ?


KLM's Boeing 747-400 are named after different cities around the world. Among these, there are two Canadian cities. Which cities are we talking about?

Vancouver and Calgary
Saskatoon and Edmonton
Toronto and Montreal
Halifax and Ottawa

What is the Canadian city celebrating 70 years of operation with KLM?



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